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Private Jet Charter Flights from London to Geneva

Aerial view of London and Geneva

Embark from the vibrant city of London to the serenity of Geneva with Bluemoon’s private jet charters. The bustle of London’s streets can be left behind for the majestic beauty of Geneva and your journey can be just as majestic.

The London to Geneva route is one of the busiest air routes between the UK and Switzerland, ranking top 10 between the UK and continental Europe, as those looking to take to the slopes use Geneva as a gateway to popular resorts in both the French and Swiss Alps. Tourism also is high between June and August with those looking to enjoy Geneva’s beautiful setting and lakeside stays. A large portion of the travel is driven by business though, as Geneva is a major global center for finance and also diplomacy with United Nations Office at Geneva, the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization all being located there.

Whether you’re going for business or leisure, Bluemoon’s private jets are designed to seamlessly integrate with your travel plans.

For detailed inquiries or information about charter flights from London to Geneva, connect with the Bluemoon team on +44 (0)7853 673 576 or you can also contact us via WhatsApp

Why Fly From London To Geneva on a Private Jet?

  • A convenient journey tailored just to you offering unparalleled luxury and comfort.
  • With the popularity of the route, flying privately allows you to skip packed flights and other airport inconveniences and simply take to the skies with ease.
  • Private air travel offers a large amount of flexibility, forego long waiting times and board the jet moments before take-off. Leave behind delays or rigid flight schedules.
  • Our range of different jet sizes and types allow for comfort no matter the passenger count.
  • Trust Bluemoon for unmatched privacy and security. From booking to landing and beyond, our team ensures confidentiality through every stage of the journey.
  • Our charter flights are fully compliant with the aviation industry’s regulations, guaranteeing a safe and secure journey from London to Geneva.

Flight Duration from London to Geneva

The flight length from London to Geneva is 2 hours and 15 minutes. From the comfort of your private jet cabin you can catch up with work or relax in the plush surroundings undisturbed.

Our pre-selected route from London to Geneva is on a Turboprop Jet type. This jet type is designed for six passengers up to nine maximum. If you’re planning on a larger group or would like to discuss luggage allowances, you can contact us to ensure you have the right jet selected for your journey.

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