Jet Away to the Season's Best Events

Special events deserve special treatment and nothing can top a private jet charter. Take to the skies in some of the finest jets to arrive at some of the most spectacular events of the upcoming season.

Whether you’re heading to France for Le Mans or Ascot for the races, our private jet charters allow you the most comfortable and exclusive means of getting there.

Explore the events and indicative pricing below and feel free to contact us for more information about chartering a jet.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Wembley, London, UK 21st June 2024 - 23rd June 2024
Taylor Swift makes her return to London for her record-breaking Eras Tour. The musical spectacular sees Taylor perform all of her most iconic hits throughout her illustrious career to date. Enjoy this unforgettable musical extravaganza in one of the UK’s most iconic stadiums.
You can match one of Taylor’s favourite modes of travelling by chartering a private jet from anywhere in the world to London and enjoy the convenience of being able to travel in a way that matches your itinerary.
While you’re here, book a stay in our luxury London apartment and home rentals. From a truly unique urban rental in Chelsea to an immaculate 2-bedroom apartment moments away from Piccadilly Circus, you’ll have a great base during your stay.

Charter a Private Jet to London

Paris -> London: From €8,000 - 1h 00m
Rome -> London: From €15,500 - 2h 20m
Madrid -> London: From €15,500 - 2h 10m
Berlin -> London: From €11,500 - 1h 40m


Top Marques Monaco

Monaco 5th June 2024 - 9th June 2024
Luxury automobiles and luxury travel go exceptionally well together. Prepare to experience the world of opulence at Top Marques Monaco, the premium car exhibition set in one of the most glamorous sun-drenched locations in the world - Monaco.
Explore the latest supercars, premium timepieces, magnificent yachts, and the finest jewellery. Every Spring, the phenomenal Top Marques Monaco showcases the best luxury that life has to offer.
If you’re looking to make an impression, then you can charter a yacht in Monaco which makes for the most ideal way to enjoy this incredible town. Why not charter motor yacht Nero which was inspired by the ‘Corsair’ series of yachts owned in the start of the 20th century by J.P. Morgan. This 90m boat will for sure make a splash.

Charter a Private Jet to Nice

London -> Nice: From €10,500 - 1h 45m
Paris -> Nice: From €7,500 - 1h 20m
Berlin -> Nice: From €11,500 - 2h 10m
Madrid -> Nice: From €10,000 - 1h 50m


Cinch Championship at The Queen’s Club

London 17th June 2024 - 23rd June 2024
One of the most popular and longest-running ATP Tour tennis events - the Cinch Championships at The Queen’s Club returns and is ready to play host to some of the world’s most elite players including the 2023 Wimbledon Men’s champion Carlos Alcaraz.
This high-octane event is truly a fan favourite and not only will you be able to enjoy London’s best weather but you’ll also be in close proximity to these tennis greats.
If you’re looking for a place to stay that’s both close to the club and Hyde Park, then you can book the thoughtfully designed four-bedroom, Limestone House in Kensington for your trip.

Rome -> London: From €15,500 - 2h 10m
Paris -> London: From €8,000 - 1h 00m
Berlin -> London: From €11,500 - 1h 40m
Madrid -> London: From €15,500 - 2h 10m


Royal Ascot

Ascot, England 18th June 2024 - 22nd June 2024
If tennis isn’t your thing then you can immerse yourself in the extraordinary at Royal Ascot. One of the most esteemed British events of the season filled with tradition and elegance.
Experience the grandeur of the Royal Procession and the exhilarating horse races in the prestigious Ascot Racecourse and be sure to dress to impress; here style meets excitement in this display of sporting excellence.
If you’re looking for a place to lay your (top) hat after the experience then book a stay at Stairway to Heaven in Chelsea which is an exquisite three-bedroom residence.

Paris -> London: From €8,000 - 1h 00m
Rome -> London: From €15,500 - 2h 20m
Madrid -> London: From €15,500 - 2h 10m
Berlin -> London: From €11,500 - 1h 40m


The 24 Hours of Le Mans

France 12th June 2024 - 16th June 2024
A true adrenaline rush awaits you at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the iconic annual racing event in the picturesque town of Le Mans, France. Witness speed, skill, and strategy come together in diverse vehicles as racers drive this unique circuit.
This truly unforgettable motorsport event has one single rule to win: the car that covers the greatest distance in 24 hours wins. This is truly one of the most prestigious races and a true testament to endurance. When the 24 hour clock finally strikes, you can then set off to enjoy some of the best luxury homes in France. Whether it’s a Parisian adventure in a luxury rental in Paris or a little place amongst the countryside in our vacation rentals in South West France you’ll find somewhere perfect to relax after all the laps.

Rome -> Le Mans: From €11,500 - 2h 00m
Paris -> Le Mans: From €6,500 - 0h 40m
Berlin -> Le Mans: From €11,000 - 1h 50m
Madrid -> Le Mans: From €11,000 - 1h 50m

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