Cancellation & Modifications of Travel Bookings

Cancellation and modification of travel bookings

If you wish to cancel a travel booking, you must notify Bluemoon immediately so that we can assist you in rebooking or minimising cancellation charges. In general, if you cancel a reservation, any amount refunded to you is determined by the cancellation policy outlined in the Travel Provider Terms that apply to that booking. However, in certain situations, other policies take precedence and determine what amount is refunded to you. If the Travel Provider cancels, or you experience any other issue affecting your booking, you may be entitled to rebooking assistance or a partial or full refund dependent on the Travel Provider Terms. Please read each contract carefully before booking for full details of the applicable cancellation policies.

If you wish to change any aspect of your booking, you may do this through the Platforms or by contacting Bluemoon’s customer service team. If changes are accepted, the Travel Provider may levy additional fees or taxes.

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