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Our Journey so far

Bluemoon, like many businesses, was founded around a dinner table on the back of a napkin by three individuals looking to make a change.

Oliver, with a background in Finance & Luke, a Superyacht First Mate agreed to team up with seasoned yachting specialist, Peter, Founder-CEO of Bluewater Yachting International. They agreed to embark on a journey and rewrite the conventional rulebook of luxury travel.

In the past, Oliver and Luke spent a great deal of time researching quality travel options for their former employer. Hundreds of websites and phone calls later, they realised sourcing, planning and booking of unique high value assets was remarkably complicated.

Peter, with 30 years of yacht charter experience knew his market had failed to innovate. He therefore agreed to team up with Oliver and Luke with a shared vision of making luxury travel effortless.

Bluemoon's platform seamlessly connects verified suppliers in the luxury travel market with travelers from all over the world. We strive to create priceless opportunities and experiences for our growing community of like-minded individuals. Luxury travel starts long before the trip begins and so we are investing in the most progressive technology to remove friction from the searching, planning and booking process. Wherever you are going, whatever you are doing, we make luxury travel simple.

On a mission

We believe travel starts long before the trip begins. It shouldn't be complicated and it certainly shouldn't be frustrating. By removing fragmented structures and clunky booking engines we aim to save our clients most expensive asset: Time.

Why Book with bluemoon

Time Saved

We aggregate quality product and service so you don't need to spend time looking for it.

Curated Offering

All suppliers and their inventory is verified by our industry experts.

Simplified Booking

We remove friction from luxury travel by leveraging technology.

Immediate Response

Our platform and network of industry experts work hand-in-hand to provide you with information faster than anywhere else.


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