Getaway to Geneva

Prepare for the most exceptional trip to one of the most idyllic locations in the world. Geneva is a major global center for the worlds of finance and diplomacy and as such sees a large amount of aviation travel. It is also one of the best entry points for those heading to the French and Swiss Alps - due to this, it ranks as one of the busiest air routes between the UK and continental Europe because of the large number of people making the journey.

By chartering a private jet with Bluemoon, you can skip the hassles associated with commercial aviation and the large number of passengers who travel the route. Arrive moments before takeoff, skipping the large number of queues and delays, and take off in style.

Whether you're planning on taking a private jet charter from London to Geneva for business or chartering a flight from Geneva to New York once you've finished dominating the slopes, Bluemoon can get you there in luxury.

How to Book Your Private Charter Flight to Geneva

Enter your flight route above or pick one of our popular routes below, choose your preferred jet type, and confirm your details. If you're using Geneva as a connecting point, you can enter your final airport of choice, and we'll assist you in booking a frictionless journey. Our dedicated team of advisors will then provide you with an indicative price, and upon your approval, we'll send you a formal quote.

Be sure to let us know if you'll be bringing your skis so we can be sure to get you a jet that can accommodate them.

Should you have any questions or require any assistance booking your private jet charter, feel free to call us on +44 (0)7853 673 576 or you can also contact us via Whatsapp.

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Popular Flight Routes to / from Geneva

Your Private Jet Charter with Bluemoon

Start your destination in the most exclusive fashion with a private jet charter to Geneva. You can charter your jet from anywhere in the world, and our team of luxury travel experts will ensure the best route for your journey.

Your Exclusive Journey

The hassles traditionally associated with commercial aviation, like the queues, delays, and the packed flights, are gone. You can enjoy a journey completely personalized to you and your needs. Arrive just before takeoff and take to the skies moments later. Indulge in some R&R on the journey, or get into a celebratory mood with the friends, family, or colleagues joining you for the flight.

A Jet Tailored To Your Needs

When you charter a private jet with Bluemoon, you can select from a large fleet of charter jets. So if you're looking to take your skies up from Geneva to Courchevel privately or you're looking to go for a business trip with a few colleagues from Dubai to Geneva via private jet, we'll be able to get you there in the right jet.


At Bluemoon, we prioritize your safety, which is why all of our charter flights fully comply with the aviation industry's regulations, allowing you to enjoy the flight experience without any worries. We keep up to date with the latest regulations.

Fly Privately

Every step of your journey is handled with the strictest confidence. From the moment you book to landing and beyond, your confidentiality is respected.

Where to Stay in the French & Swiss Alps

What to do in Geneva

Geneva is one of the finest destinations in the world and, as such, has a plethora of activities to explore and enjoy. No matter what you seek on your trip, Geneva will have something that satisfies even the most particular traveller.

Hike or Bike the Mont Saleve

See Geneva from a whole new perspective atop Mont Saleve. Hike or bike (or take a cable car) and see the panoramic views of Geneva, the Lake, and Jura - on a clear day you can also see views of the Alps and Mont Blanc. For those known for their adventurous spirit, you can paraglide down the mountain, in tandem, for a thrilling and unique experience.

Visit the Finest Watch Museums

Switzerland produces the finest watches in the world, and Geneva is home to some of the most premier horology museums in the world. Explore the Patek Philippe Museum and discover the history of the illustrious brand and more general horology. Take a trip to Biel to visit the worlds of Swatch and Omega at the Cité du Temps and even pick up a Swatch watch at the drive-thru.

Your Entry Point to the Swiss & French Alps

When it comes to getting to the French and Swiss Alps, Geneva is one of the best choices to fly into due to the solid connections that it offers to the two alpine destinations. We can arrange onward travel to the smaller airports, but Geneva is a good point along the journey. If you're looking for luxury chalets in the French Alps or if you'd prefer a chalet in the Swiss Alps to retire to after a long day in the mountains, you can book one of the finest with Bluemoon.

Chartering a private jet to or from Geneva? Enjoy the flexibility that private aviation travel offers you by chartering a jet from any location in the world. There is only one airport that services Geneva, but we can find a time for you to land that suits your itinerary.

Transport from Geneva Airport

Bluemoon can arrange onward transportation from Geneva Airport. Let us know if you'd like it arranged prior to your departure date, and we can set it up.

Geneva AirportGVA | LSGG

Rte de l'Aéroport 21, 1215 | Website

If you require any assistance in booking your private jet to Geneva, or beyond, you can call us on +44 (0)7853 673 576 or you can also contact us via WhatsApp.

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