Boys & Their Toys

November, 11 2022


Boys and their toys - an idiom used to invoke the idea that men sometimes dote excessively on machines and gadgets. I’m going to give you a few rather extreme examples of this when it comes to perhaps the most expensive and shinny of all toys; yachts.


To kick off the A-list of boys that have gone above and beyond we have the uber wealthy Jeff Bezos, who needs no introduction. His new boat code named Y721 is under construction in the Netherlands, she will be the largest sailing yacht in the world, costing Jeff around $500 million dollars. Rotterdam’s iconic Koningshaven Bridge will be partially dismantled to let this titan out to sea, at Jeff’s great expense of course.

This sailing yacht is closely modeled after the Oceanco Black Pearl. Jeff has chosen a sailing yacht to be more sustainable, as his new yacht grabs the sustainability title.


Sailing Yacht Black Pearl

Next on the big boys list is Roman Abramovich that has not one, but up to 5 super yachts, if you’d like to know why I’ve said “up to 5” get in touch. The flagship best known by all is Motor Yacht Eclipse - the largest private yacht of its time reaching 162 meters in length costing around $700 million dollars, and perhaps the most spectacular. I have a personal connection with this yacht as I spent many months as part of its live-aboard crew in my youth. Some of the features of this yacht seem owner appropriate such as; an onboard missile defense system, an escape submarine pod and even an anti-paparazzi shield.

This anti-paparazzi shield I’d like to explain as I do see this more and more within the world of the ultra famous and infamous. The laser beams of infrared light are used to detect the electronic light sensors that digital cameras use instead of film. The camera is then targeted with a focused beam of bright light that disrupts the potential photo, making any shots unusable.


Motor Yacht Eclipse

Last but not least of our boys is Conor McGregor. Where to start… well as we all know Conor is somewhat extravagant in almost everything he does, this is correct for his choice of yacht too, Conor has a 45 meter yacht, but I'm not getting into that as I think his most recent and much smaller purchase better reflects the UFC champions style. Lamborghini built, only 19.2 meters in length costing the champ $3.5 million dollars. Out of the 63 built, Conor received yacht number 12 in honor of his Irish whiskey company Proper No. 12.

This is the supercar of the seas, Conor unlike his peers on this list has opted for speed and style over size, this yacht has a combined horsepower of 4000, reaching speeds of 115 km/h which is huge on water (60 knots) Imagine doing 115 km/h and hitting a speed bump? This beast is a real piece of art. If you'd like to experience the seas how Conor can, you can charter one of the other 63 with Bluemoon and enjoy the supercar experience at sea - arrange a Lamborghini yacht day charter in Ibiza.


And that ties up our Boys & Toys for now.


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