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Private Jet Charter from London to Zurich

Aerial views of London and Zurich from private jet window

Leave behind the incredibly city of London and prepare for a visit to the picturesque landscapes of Geneva from the comfort of your own private charter jet from Bluemoon. Zurich makes for an exceptional destination year round and it’s easy to understand why.

One of the busiest air routes between the UK and the continental Europe, this is a significant amount of traffic travelling throughout the year. Ranking among the top 10 busiest air routes between the UK and mainland Europe, passengers head to Geneva between December and February for those looking to get some fresh powder in the Swiss Alps. Once the weather starts warming up around June, people flock to Zurich to enjoy the lakeside setting and cultural offerings in a warmer environment. There is also a large amount of business travel throughout the year, due to its status as a global hub for finance, it has also become a good convergence point for businesses and so headquarters of exceptionally respected and large organisations end up there.

Bluemoon’s private jet charter service ensures a trip tailored to your needs. For more information about arranging a charter flight from London to Zurich, or for any questions, you can contact the Bluemoon team on +44 (0)7853 673 576 or you can also contact us via WhatsApp.

Why Charter a Private Jet from London to Zurich? • Comfort and luxury await you as you take the skies, enjoy a truly unique journey to the scenic beauty of Zurich. • Depart from your chosen London airport and arrive in the best Zurich location that suits your itinerary. • Say goodbye to the long waiting times of commercial air travel and the other annoyances like rigid schedules. With a private jet charter, book when suits you the best and arrive moments before take-off, given the popularity of the route, this convenience is truly appreciated. • Enjoy an undisturbed flight in the comfort of the spacious flight cabins that suit your needs. • Bluemoon’s unwavering commitment to privacy and security at every stage of your journey, allow you to travel with complete peace of mind. • Our jets all meet the aviation industry’s regulations, ensuring your journey is safe and secure from start to finish.

Average Charter Flight Duration from London to Zurich The average flight time is 1 hours and 26 minutes. From the comfort of your private jet you can enjoy the peace and quiet along the way, catch up on some work or enjoy the amenities on offer.

Recommended Jet Type for your Charter to Zurich Our pre-selected route from London to Zurich is on a Light / Super-Light Jet type. This is perfect for six to nine passengers maximum. If you’re looking to travel with a larger group or would like more information about the luggage space, feel free to contact us so we can find the right jet for your journey.

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