Villa Anemos

4 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom.


Villa Anemos welcomes guests that pursue a residence with an infinite view of blue waters and breathtaking landscapes. Experience unforgettable mornings, having your energetic breakfast while the sun is rising at your doorstep and the blue scenery tranquilize your soul and fills you with passion to explore the island. The outdoor area is the torchbearer of the residence.

A wide pool is there to refresh you at any time while a sense of relaxation will be delivered to the guests from the simplicity of the surrounding areas. The interior site is capacious with a luxury approach and the natural light will surprise you with the feeling of joy that you will get. All inside areas are dressed with mild and bright colors to give you the sense of living like a local.


Music SystemMusic System

Home rules

Check-in from 16:00
Check-out by 12:00

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