What is Bluemoon? 🔵

July, 25 2022


Bluemoon - A bluemoon is a rarity, hence the saying "once in a bluemoon" meaning "not very often" or "very rarely". Amongst this common known saying the bluemoon holds other significance, it is the third full moon of the season which has four full moons, and another more interesting meaning I will go over below.

So can the moon actually turn blue? Yes! But this is a very rare event, in fact, you could say it happens "once in a Bluemoon". I won't go to in-depth on how this rare phenomenon occurs but I will tell you that it requires a volcanic eruption. The last time this real bluemoon was sighted was mount Pinatubo in 1991. The volcanic ash spreads 80km high into the atmosphere, scattering red light and turning the moon blue/green.

So what do we do?

Founded in 2022 in the United Kingdom, Bluemoon is an online travel marketplace offering three markets on a single platform; Yachting, Villa Rental and Private Aviation. We connect quality suppliers in each market with traveller's and holiday makers from all over the world, creating priceless opportunities and experiences for all. Time is our most valued asset, Bluemoon aims to safeguard this by ensuring a seamless and quality service when organising, booking and experiencing your vacation and travel.

By investing in the most progressive technology that removes friction from travel, Bluemoon is on a mission to make luxury travel completely effortless. We are the first digital travel company which has taken on the challenge of housing the luxury travel market under a single roof. We believe luxury travel starts long before the trip begins, and so leveraging technology and industry expertise we carefully select the world's most exclusive homes, yachts and jets to provide our customers with the ultimate solution.

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