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January, 17 2024

Homes and Yachts available for rent & charter. With Bluemoon and Bitcashier logo announcing partnership.

Bluemoon was founded with the intention to rewrite the conventional rulebook of luxury travel and we’re thrilled to take another step towards innovating the market with the announcement of our new partnership with Bitcashier. Through this partnership our clients will now be able to use cryptocurrency to rent or charter our luxury assets and Bitcashier’s cutting-edge crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto payment services will seamlessly facilitate the transaction.

About Bitcashier

Established in 2019, Bitcashier orchestrates smooth trading across platforms at optimal prices. Functioning as a fully regulated exchange and payment processor, Bitcashier delivers global crypto exchange and settlement solutions, ensuring secure and effortless transactions for both businesses and high-net-worth individuals.

Renting a villa or chartering a yacht with Bluemoon & Bitcashier

Those looking to rent a luxury villa or chalet, charter a yacht or private jet can now pay using cryptocurrency. Bluemoon sends a cryptocurrency invoice in the chosen currency to the client who will pay through Bitcashier’s platform. Bitcashier will then settle the cryptocurrency into a fiat currency which they will then transfer to us. This seamless integration cuts out any lengthy processing and doesn’t add any complications to the renting or chartering of our luxury assets.

Our partners, who list their assets with Bluemoon will see no change in the process, they will be paid in their chosen currency without any delay or hesitation.

Accepted cryptocurrencies

Under the new partnership Bluemoon will now be able to accept Bitcoin, BNB, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Polkadot. Additional currencies maybe available in the future as Bitcashier carefully expands its offering.

The partnership between Bitcashier and Bluemoon marks a significant leap in the evolution of luxury travel, promising unparalleled convenience and security in transactions for the discerning traveler.

For more information about Bitcashier, visit their website.

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