The Ups and Downs of Private Jets ✈️

October, 14 2022


Is flying private really taking off?

The Covid driven boom in jet travel is still flying high, the decline of commercial flight traffic over the past years has led to rise of private aviation traffic. 🔺 Many people who pre-pandemic would of flown business class have made the leap to private flying; business jets now account for one quarter of U.S flights, roughly double 2019 flights.

This rise was fueled by convenience, and safe flying. First time private flyers are not looking back… and neither are we. Those very first steps into that jet really do leave a mark, not only is the flight faster, easier, cleaner and safer but also exciting and memorable.

Not to mention… more than compliment your social media! 📸

Sky high prices… or not?

These private flights have, and still are seen as an option to only the most fortunate amongst us, however this is changing. Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that a jet could have viably replaced your last RyanAir flight to Marbella.. But you would be surprised.

The access to this luxury travel option is evermore pointing towards what the industry calls “Empty legs”. 40% of all private flights have no passengers onboard (an empty leg). 🤯 Madness you may say? But hear me out, aircraft operators must return most jets to their airport of origin or to the next charter location, this means fuel, crew and all the costs associated with flying a jet. The mentality here is why not fill it? Even close to raw cost price!

Downside to empty legs; fitting in with their schedule. A little like catching a moving taxi instead of calling one. 🍀

My Plane - Your Plane

The next step up from chartering these luxury aircrafts is owning one. They are by no means cheap, but the industry has a fix for that too; fractional ownership, you’re not going to be using your new jet 24/7 so why not spread the costs and joyful experience with loved ones, business partners or complete strangers? 🧠 This system offers a brilliant alternative to buying a jet to have it sit in a hangar most days, and could be a worthwhile investment if chartered out whilst sitting idle.

Either way, your jet will be putting smiles on faces, or dollars in your pocket with little downtime. Get the most out of your jet onboard and off. ⚖️

When everything seems to be against you, remember that an airplane takes-off against the wind, not with it.

Thanks once more for reading.


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