Rule Breaking Real Estate

November, 23 2022


Homes may just be the most varied of assets in the world, you’ll never find the same two homes and the limits of our imagination and architectural creativity seems to be endless. From underground bunkers to shipping containers the list is endless. Here we are going to go into a few of the most stand out homes you’ve probably ever seen.


The not yet built - Joshua Tree Residence, California, USA

Sun Valley Starship, Idaho, USA A true masterpiece, this home spans over 12,550 feet with many structural elements left exposed offering a cool industrial feel. Boasting all the luxury amenities with a rooftop pool, equestrian facilities and an outdoor amphitheater, this home is sure to make the top of this list.

Originally listed for just under 10 million USD, I'd call that a bargain for the amazing artistic efforts put into it, and the fact it took over a decade to build - or dig… however they managed to pull this off.


The Pole House, Victoria, Australia

At first glance, it just looks fake. But rest assured it is not and is currently on the rental market. Suspended 131 feet above Fairhaven Beach in Australia, with 180 degree views of the sea, this home is surely one of the most picturesque in the world.

Supported by steel stilts, and accessed via a 76-foot-long walkway this real estate gem is more than just special; it is hands down spectacular. A small home with only one bedroom & one bathroom it shines bright even amongst the large luxury homes.


Belle Grove Farmhouse, Suffolk, UK

Belle Grove Farmhouse is the ultimate self-build. Straight out of a fairy tale this home also sits on the rental market as a spectacular getaway. Somewhat unusual decor, sourced from all around the world it brings together a variety of cultural qualities.

The staircare is supported by a twisted elm trunk, marble of the finest quality sourced from India, oak from France and a huge collection of characterful antiques.


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