Let us Guide you Home 🌍🏡

October, 12 2022


Homes come in all shapes and sizes, from city skyline penthouses, countryside quaint villas to hobbit hole havens, there is no lack of choice when it comes to finding the right home for your stay. With every home bringing its unique flavor to the market I want to give you my two pence.

Genres: The reflection of a home 👀

Each home is a reflection of a person, from the general to the most minute detail you get a peek into someone's life. 🧐 A prosperous lawyer may prefer the glitz and glamor of a New York 60th floor penthouse, an artist perhaps the serene scene a countryside cottage offers and a family oriented businessman the sought after Villa overlooking his yacht? There is without a doubt the right fit for everyone! Understanding a property ultimately begins with understanding a person. 🤔


Foundations: Skeletons in the closet? ☠️

The oldest archaeological evidence of a house construct was 1.8 million years ago 🗝️, this was no penthouse of course, but the outcome remains the same; to provide comfort, protection and build memories. Over the years these core purposes have developed into much more… a way to build future wealth! 💰

How would you know if a home is a profitable investment? Perhaps it has the dream garden, the infinity pool you’ve seen on Instagram or maybe the marble staircase that appeals to your royal side? Does this mean it will increase in value? Will it stand the test of time? When dabbling in the property market the spectrum of quality is vast, be sure to check those metaphorical closets. 🔒

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