High Flyers Flying High

November, 15 2022


Private jets are used and owned in a variety of ways, some take this a step further! I’m going to share some interesting, unique characters that stand out amongst the jet owners of the world.

Not only do these majestic birds complete the original task of getting from A to B, they do much more, offering a holiday like setting in absolute comfort and style.


John Travolta is incredibly passionate about aviation and has often described it as an experience unlike any other. Most celebrities often travel privately, John does not just get on a luxury jet, he flies it himself. He loves it so much that he built his home in Florida next to a runway so he could fly his jet to his front door!

With an impressive fleet at his disposal one stands out - the Boeing 707, this is a commercial aircraft holding up to 150 passengers, however John has customized it to accommodate 15 passengers in absolute comfort featuring full sized bedrooms and bathrooms.

In addition to this John includes a Boeing 737 to his fleet, another large business jet and casually parks a Challenger Jet in his backyard, most celebrities have a driveway of exotic cars but Travolta took it a step further and has a driveway full of private jets.


John Travolta's house / airport*

Tom Cruise is another jet fanatic, he owns several aircrafts and flies many himself. Tom is renowned for doing his own stunts and this has seeped over into his passion for flying, in his movie Top Gun: Maverik he was not allowed to pilot the F-18 fighter jet due to Navy restrictions (he asked - they refused), not to lack of capability. He did, however, pilot his own P-51 Mustang in the final scene.

Cruise also owns a Gulfstream IV which includes a jacuzzi and a cinema room. His pride and joy despite the larger more luxurious options within his fleet remains the P-51 Mustang 1946 that he purchased from a museum in 2001.


Tom Cruise & his P-51 Mustang in Top Gun: Maverick*

Joseph Lau, a real estate tycoon from Hong Kong owns the largest private plane in the world. A Boeing 747-8 VIP, a huge aircraft that has been customized to accommodate everything from a private office, several guest rooms to an onboard gym, all spread across two floors with a spiral staircase. Valued at $367 million dollars, of which $214 million for customization, this aircraft is by far one of the most expensive you’ll find.

This aircraft seem slightly over the top?


Boeing 747-8 VIP*

The private and business jet space is growing year on year, who knows what will come next.

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