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October, 23 2022


A trip can involve a lot of planning, knowing the very best season, month or even week your trip should take place to offer you the best experience abroad comes first. Many people don’t look past the season, South of France for summer and Swiss Alps for winter, this is a good start! However there is much more to explore to really find that perfect week in the perfect location.


St Tropez

I spent a lot of my childhood in St Tropez throughout the summer seasons (June - August) amongst the armies of tourists, constant bustling bars and private beaches. This town is non-stop over these months, and offers an unimaginable level of luxury and artistic culture.

To most this may sound like a dream, however at a cost… this peak season comes with much higher prices, much worse service and a sometimes overwhelming amount of tourists. Trick is finding the right time and place to truly enjoy this marvelous town and all it has to offer.

Spoiler -> May and September


St Tropez port in summer

When & Where?

I’m going to list a few controversial timeframes here from my personal experience. I will explain briefly as to why this time, but leave the rest for you to discover, please do tell me I'm wrong and get in touch with us!


The city of romance - Not so romantic in summer if you can smell! December is spectacular in Venice, the thick layer of fog on the canals portrays a floating city.

Val d’Isere

Nestled in the French Alps, a hotspot over winter for ski lovers, all of them… July is brilliant in Val D’Isere, with activities and lifts open, swim in the lake then grab a lift to SKI in your shorts, yes I said SKI.


A historical gem sitting in the Mediterranean Sea between Africa and Sardinia.

January, after celebrations and back to a new year this place won’t disappoint. As Europe freezes and darkens Malta shines bright, almost ignoring those winter blues.



Having some local expertise when it comes to making the most of your cherished time off, family ventures or even business trips makes all the difference. Do not take my word for it, try these out for yourself!

How & Who?

We often decide on a trip's members & companions before deciding on the location, that's fine as long as you understand the atmosphere of your destination. You probably don’t want to be hanging out with your grandma in Ibiza nor would you want to sit around on a lads getaway in Venice. This one really does come down to personal preference, but there are some guidelines and as always, I'm going to share my thoughts on some of the less known hot spots.

Hvar*, one of my favorite places in the world! A real adriatic pearl in Croatia. Hvar has a place for absolutely everyone and everything, the versatility this island offers is second to none. The sunniest island in Europe, this island can be visited with anyone.

How? On a yacht, without a doubt! With over 1000 islands you could spend years exploring a different one each day, these islands offer boat parties, underwater excursions and much more.

Burgundy, another great location due to the variety of fine wines offered, a culture and quality of life that you don’t often find. Burgundy is a staple in French culture offering fantastic food and a laid back atmosphere. Great family getaway or a romantic wine tasting adventure.

How? In a castle for this one, the area is vast and the landscape open offering numerous gorgeous 18th century castles fit for royalty.

Zermatt is a rather special place with some unique points. Home to the Toblerone mountain Zermatt’s mountain the Matterhorn has one of the highest and longest ski slopes in the world. I must say it does cost a fair penny, however the quality of life is excellent and you will find everything you need in this protected ski haven.

How? In a chalet of course, the views are incredible and everything is walking distance.



Thanks for reading!


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