The Beauty of Paris

If you’re intending to fly to Paris or from Paris you can charter a private jet with Bluemoon for an elevated flight experience. Our charter flights comply with the fullest aviation regulations so you can enjoy a relaxed and safe trip.

Whether you’re planning to charter a private jet from London to Paris for the 2024 Olympics or if you want to arrange a private jet flight from Paris to Courchevel so that you can head to the slopes of the French and Swiss Alps, you can rely on our expertise to provide a memorable experience that completely skips the frustrations associated with commercial aviation.

How to book

Enter your flight route above or select one of the popular routes below and choose your preferred jet type before confirming your details. The Bluemoon team will reach out to you shortly with an indicative price. Once you've confirmed that it aligns with your budget, we'll send out your formal quote.

If you would like assistance with your booking or if you have any questions, please feel free to call us on +44 (0)7853 673 576 or you can also contact us via WhatsApp.

Street in Paris with a bicycle propped up against a set of stairs

Popular Paris Flight Routes

Your Bluemoon Charter Jet Experience

Paris-Charles de Gaulle is one of the busiest airports in the world, not just because of those looking to spend time in this iconic city, but also because there’s a large amount of intentional routes that connect through Paris.

By chartering a private jet to or from Paris, you can skip a lot of the annoyances traditionally associated with commercial air travel and enjoy a flight completely tailored to you and your needs. Whether you’re flying to enjoy the incredible destination or for work, a charter flight provides the most elegant way to start your trip.

Your Private Jet

We have a large number of private jet models to choose from that suit all travel plans. Want to take something small on a short trip so you can propose in front of the Eiffel Tower? A light jet charter from Munich to Paris would be the first choice. Or if you’re looking to travel over with a large group of colleagues for a business conference, a heavy private jet charter from New York to Paris allow you the comfort of a private jet with enough space so that everyone can come. From turboprops to ultra-long-range jets, we’re able to match you with the perfect private jet.

Need assistance with picking the best jet for your journey? Feel free to contact us so we can help you pick your perfect jet.

Where We Fly To

We fly globally and make even the most complicated flights easy. You can charter a private jet from Paris to Los Angeles as a starting point for your American adventure or you can quickly fly from Paris to Geneva by private jet to explore the natural beauty of the Swiss destination.


At Bluemoon, we prioritize your safety when you fly with us. All of our charter jet flights comply with all aviation industry regulations so you’ll reach your destination safely and have peace of mind during the flight.

Fly Privately

We understand your need for confidentiality when you fly, which is why we handle every request, at every stage, with the strictest of confidence. Enjoy the freedom to travel without any privacy fears.

Where to Stay in Paris

What to do in Paris

Paris remains steadfast as an unmissable cultural epicentre and you’ll quickly understand why when you take to the streets of the City of Lights. With plenty to do and see we’ve compiled some of our favourite things to do to inspire you for your stay in Paris.

Indulge in the Phenomenal Food

With 132 combined Michelin Stars, the gastronomical scene here is truly unmatched. As the birthplace as some of the finest cuisine and the base of Le Cordon Bleu - it’s easy to see why there is such an incredible array of gourmet offerings. Epicure is a true love letter to French cuisine and has three stars. Restaurant Guy Savoy has a tasting menu that lasts over three hours and is worth every moment. If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth, then the finest selection of quality patisseries will delight, particularly Stohrer which is considered one of the oldest patisseries in Paris. The shop has a delightful array of pastry and sweets you can enjoy within the truly beautiful setting.

Appreciate Modern and Contemporary Art

There is a plethora of incredible art galleries and museums to explore during your stay but we always love time spent around Centre Pompidou. Not only in the building a visual spectacle but the modern and contemporary art housed within is too. It’s a big cultural hub in Beaubourg too, with a grand library. From Kandinsky to Matisse and Mondrian - there is a great collection to enjoy.

Shop in the Home of Fashion

As one of the fashion capitals of the world, you’d miss out by not indulging in some shopping. Take a stroll down Rue Cambon and visit Chanel and stroll around to see other famous designers and their impressive stores. If you’d prefer to dress your home than yourself, visit Merci this fabulous homes concept store has an eclectic mix and frequently collaborates with prime brands.

Private Jet Charter Airports in Paris

Whether you're chartering a private jet to or from Paris, you're afforded the ultimate flexibility and are able to take off or land in whichever airport is most convenient to your plans. Below are the best picks in Paris and just outside.

Transport to your charter flight in Paris

Bluemoon can arrange your transportation to or from your chosen airport. Let us know if you’d like it arranged prior to your departure date and we’ll arrange it.

Paris Airport-Le BourgetLBG | LFPB

93350 Le Bourget, France | Website

Paris Charles de Gaulle AirportCDG | LFPG

95700 Roissy-en-France, France | Website

Aéroport de Paris-OrlyORY | LFPO

94390 Orly, France | Website

Pontoise – Cormeilles AerodromePOX | LFPT

L Aérodrome, 95830 Cormeilles-en-Vexin, France | Website

Paris-Saclay-VersaillesTNF | LFPN

Aérodrome, 78117 Toussus-le-Noble, France | Website

If you need any assistance booking your private jet charter, feel free to call us on+44 (0)7853 673 576 or you can also contact us via WhatsApp

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